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Decatic commercial School(DCS) is an institute that was duly approved and registered in 2001 as a Vocational School under the Ministry of Education (Section 5 of the Education (Registration of Schools). The College was subsequently registered with Botswana Training Authority. In 2010 the school was acquired by Arthur Portland from its first owners. DCS has remained committed to quality service delivery for the benefit of its enrolled students and Extras stakeholders. In the past year A number of changes have been made in personnel and continue reading..

 You may contact us through email, phone or visit us at the addresses provided below.

Decatic Commercial School
Plot 1278, Cliff House, 1st Floor
FNB Building, Old Lobatse Rd, Gaborone
Private Bag 00286


Tell: +267 395 9616/3906496

Mobile: 72522870/73449162/74472301 continue reading..


Documents are available of download click here..

for more  information contact: